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At Brothers EZ Tampa Moving Companies, we encourage our customers to use our professional packing services as well as our moving services.  Packing properly saves you time, allows for a simple unpacking process, keeps your cherished items safe, and can even save you money by using your space and materials efficiently.  If you insist on packing for yourself, we are sharing a few tricks of the trade to make your experience simpler.

  • Tip One:  Keep your immediately necessary items visible
    • One way you can save yourself hours of searching is to pack the items you will need immediately in a clear plastic container.  Although we recommend you label every box, this will make your necessary items easier to find if it takes you a few days to get around to unpacking all of your items.
  • Tip Two:  Label with detail
    • When you label the boxes you are packing, label them by room and what is in them.  For example, if your drinking glasses fill an entire box, label the box “glasses” and also “kitchen”.  This will give the movers an indication of where to put the box, and also make your unpacking process efficient and simple.
  • Tip Three:  Pack carefully
    • Find out how to pack your items so that they are preserved.  For example, if you pack your plates vertically, they will be less likely to break.  Using saran wrap on open toiletries will help you avoid spills.  If you have powder cosmetics, a cotton pad in the compact will keep them from breaking.  If you research these little tips, they will help keep your items intact.
  • Tip Four:  Don’t unpack to pack
    • Keep your dresser drawers full for a fast move.  Many people unpack all of their drawers, and end up putting the items back exactly where they came from.  Instead, use press and seal or plastic wrap to protect the drawers and keep your items from spilling and potentially getting lost.
  • Tip Five:  Find out what packing materials are available
    • The right packing materials can make all the difference when it comes to efficient packing.  Instead of unpacking your entire closet, use wardrobe boxes, and you can take the clothing right on the hanger and transfer it to the box, then to your new closet.
  • Tip Six:  Access your new home before moving day
    • Clean your kitchen and bathroom.  Bring over some basics that you need immediately when you move.  It’s hard to work around boxes to get what you need, no matter how organized you are.  If you can get into your house before moving day, you can save yourself time and move the boxes right into the appropriate room without risking working around them.

At Brothers EZ Tampa Moving Companies, we’ve packed up homes in an efficient manner for years, and have become experts at the packing process. Understanding how to pack properly takes time and can be a learning experience.  Having that skill can ensure you have an easy and stress free move.

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